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Slavery, World Politics and Belgian Chocolates

22 June 2014 by Christophe Morneau

While I do understand, that the theme and name of my blog could be somewhat contradictory to some, for me it was an obvious choice. Not just because I am Belgian, and I love Belgian chocolates.. but also because of the contraversy that surrounds that theme. It has become a symbol of how “things are wrong in this world”, but at the same time.. especially the western society cannot stop feeding on delicious chocolate made with the help of children used as slaves. But now, the Chinese are after the cocoa too with the market making huge profits and no end in sight.

To understand what I am talking about, I suggest watching the below documentary that gives strong physical as well as undeniable proof that the Ivory Coast cocoa production is heavily produced with the help of children, who have been trafficed into the country and used as slaves. These workers have little or no rights, suffer abuse at the work place and receive no payment what so ever. Naturally, many of them try to escape the workplace which can result in an terrible outcome for the child.

But this documentary lacks a lot of things.. and ends up being a superficial, yet factual look into the issue. Reading the replies, like “I will never buy chocolate again” for those who have seen the documentary is even more interesting. It relly isn’t that simple as it has been made to look.

The whole world is full of slavery of different degrees. Greedy companies abusing not just their workers, but in a way the consumers themselves. The question (which comes with a solution) is much more than just stopping to consume one type of product because of a personal affection towards the protection of children. This issue much bigger and vibrates throughout the commercial world.

There is nothing wrong with eating delicious Chocolate. The problem is, that our nation is alienated from independence to a global world that is faking world security. That’s what I am here to talk about.

Sincere regards,

Christophe Morneau

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  1. That chocolate documentary was very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing!

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