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Putting Down Thoughts

10 November 2014 by Christophe Morneau

I think blogs are beautiful for when they call for inspiration, you are immediately attracted towards them. Often when I write something, I do not yet know what is going to be written next. It is contradictory also, just like the world. Because I have something to say, even though I do not know what I am going to say before I have written it. It’s a creative process and while listening to some beautiful classical music for example and writing, nothing can disturb you. It frees you from mental strain, stress goes away and you emerge into thought. It makes some of the most beautiful creations some times, blogging that is.

Putting Down Thoughts

I have to admit that this time, I kind of felt like just writing to see if something comes out of it. And it did. The very thing I was thinking about is now manifested in these writings, stored forever in digital memory. For the enjoinment of everyone, from friends to strangers. And that is the way I will keep on with this blog, just making things so that I can think that they are beautiful. If I think so, surely someone else must think so too?


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  1. Yeah, that sums up pretty well the beauty of blogging. Enjoying your Belgian chocolates very much, thanks!=)

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