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Chocolate Does not Contain Sugar

15 October 2014 by Christophe Morneau

I mean, doesn’t the title speak for itself. Well, I guess not for everyone. It might need some explaining for the majority of my readers. Yes, I wanted to tell everyone that chocolate does not contain sugar, until it’s actually put inside. Meaning that chocolate is something extremely healthy, full of nutrition and health benefits. You could call it medicine. But modern man, has put sugar, preservatives, milk and who knows what to make it the forbidden fruit. The thing that you crave for, but you know it’s bad for you. And that, is what makes sugary chocolate so good. Because it’s evil! 🙂

Well, seriously it is evil. Because it destroys your teeth as well as your health in the end probably. But that’s not really the point.

It’s medicinal value is the point and the treasure that has long been forgotten. Thus, the chocolate industry is great symbol of how modern society has fallen in it’s own contradictions to make profit.

An unfortunate situation, but luckily there is a solution to all this. We just need to go back to where things came from, back to the origin of things and observe. Everything use to be so different, and to see the difference of why and how we are in the mess we are today. That is mind blowing, and belgian chocolate corporations are just the tip of the chocolate-berg.

Later my dear readers,

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