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But Chocolate is Good

30 June 2014 by Christophe Morneau

It’s always good to make things clear and not just teach people on what they should do, instead explain clearly what one is doing themselves.

This is suprisingly difficult however. I believe, that only by being to explain something in a clear and simply way one has really understood it themselves. So it’s a constant challenge, the human mind wants to think things, fast, without thinking much because it feels strongly about something. Often it’s better to distance oneself from those emotions, not as an enemy but as a good friend. This creates a real bond between the magic of life.

And chocolate is good. It tastes good, in some places in the world it’s made with ethic values, it can bring up people from poverty.. there is a thousand and one positive influences of chocolate I can express.

But just as everything good, there is the bad. But rather than thinking as bad, I like to think of abuse. In fact, most great things that have so much to offer, give with endless possibilities are those things that are the most easy to abuse.

I like to think of natures way of keeping balance. Funnily enough.


Christophe Morneau

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