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01 November 2014 by Christophe Morneau

I am watching the view of Brussels from my office window, back here in Belgium. The weather is awful, but so was in Beijing. Of course, it’s very different and I rather have the level of pollution here than in China. Still accepting that even Brussels get’s it’s share of pollution from cars and such. But the rain has started, it’s not really Autumn, it’s not Winter either. It’s the in between state that makes me sit at my desk and just watch outside. It calms me and I guess I have gotten used to it. I No longer get depressed about it for sure!

Back in Belgium

The picture above is pretty much, what I can see right now. It’s still beautiful isn’t it? Melancholic, but beautiful. Soothing. Relaxing. And perfect for my mind to go far into the depths of China. I am still much thinking about the trip, what I learned and what I was left with. Which was so much that it will take some time for me to absorb. I have lot’s to write about, but I have no idea where to start. “The beginning”, they often tell you. But for me, it was not a beginning, neither an end. It was a crossroad in the big story of life.

Miss you already China and the great people there. You are contradictory, and I guess that’s why I had such a great time. Always learning something every step of the way. That’s China style, I guess.

See you soon,


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  1. Seems you like a rewarding time. Do tell us more about it!


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